Fair programme

  19 June 2009, Friday 
EKO-MOTO under the motto "to know better”.
During the fist day of the Fair, special emphasis will be placed on ecology in the automotive industry. We organize a wide range of conferences, lectures, and panel discussions devoted to this issue. We want the floor to be taken by representatives of the Government, car and motorbike importers and manufacturers, fuel companies, and we want to find an answer to a simple question: Why is the significance of problems such as CO2 emissions, alternative power systems, recycling and bio-fuels in Poland being diminished? The awareness of an average driver in Poland as to ecological aspects of the automotive industry is non-existent!

10.00 - fair opening ceremony
11.00 - 12.00 - car unveilings for guests and mass media
12.00 - Conference EKO – MOTO (draft)
(we invite journalists, our gusts, ecology experts, representatives of all MEDIA)- speech by organizer, presenting the idea behind the organization of this fair and the rules of competitions accompanying the Auto Moto Show 2009
-speech by representative of the Government
-speeches and presentations of ecological solutions in particular car makes:
-hybrid powered Toyota and Lexus
-hybrid powered Honda
-lunch break
-ecological solutions in the Mercedes
-green line in the whole family of Volkswagen (SKODA, Audi, Seat)
-recycling in the Renault and Nissan
-KIA – quality and ecology
-Hyundai sets priority to innovative ecological solutions
BP – fuels and ecology
The list of speakers is open. Please register presentations of ecological solutions proposed by particular car makers and other companies related to the automotive industry.
19.00 - closure of Day I

20 June 2009, Saturday
How to fend off the slump in the automotive industry?
The second day of the Fair will first and foremost focus on presentations, business talks, meetings held by exhibitors and their customers. We plan to organize a panel discussion to address the crisis in the automotive industry and the possible remedies.
9.00 - opening
16.00 - how to fend off the slump in the automotive industry, panel discussion
19.00 - closure of Day II
20.00 - banquet for exhibitors, fair competition finals,

21 June 2009, Sunday
Tuning and sport.
By tradition, Sunday is a day for the tuning event, meetings with rally and racing drivers. As usual, this event will be accompanied by a wide range of entertainment, including competitions, shows and demonstrations.
9.00 - opening
9.30 - opening of the tuning event
- competitions and presentations
12.00 - meetings with participants of the Rally Poland, the eighth qualifying round of the World Rally Championship!
14.00 - car rally season in Poland, meetings with drivers
18.00 - fair closure ceremony (joint honking of horns)
The times may be changed depending upon the number of participants
We invite you

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